Film program电影项目

Film program opens one’s eyes to the extremely lively and experimental video art scene of Beijing

Huang Ran

Huang Ran “Blithe Tragedy”, 2010, film still

Guo Xiaoyan, currently one of the most famous exhibition organizers in China, traces the rapid development of video art in China, particularly during the past 25 years. Her co-worker, Lai Anchi, developed the film program with videos and short films that will run from May 7 to July 9, 2014 every Wednesday evening in the Uferhallen exhibition halls. This film opens one’s eyes to the extremely lively and experimental video art scene of the city. The film program features works by Chen Xiaoyun, Zhou Tao, Li Ming, Double Fly Art Center, Chen Zhou, Guan Xiao, Hao Jingban, Anqi Ju, Li Binyuan, Yu Honglei, Cheng Ran, Liang Zhi and Li Youjie, among others.

The range of the program is very broad, including experimental works to documentaries. Double Fly Art Center, a nine-person art collective, is “punk” and shows the wild side of Beijing. Li Youjie, on other hand, captured six years of life in his home village cinematically to learn more about his background as well as about himself. It became a portrait of the transformation of Chinese society. Hao Jingban displays a sensitive portrait of the ballrooms of Beijing, a popular meeting place especially for older Beijing residents. Ju Anqi drove restlessly through the city with a 16mm video camera, then irritated everyone he met with the question, “Do you think Beijing is windy?”.

Li Youjie, A Lao's Village Li Binyuan_ Spring in The Sewer, 2013 Ju Anqi_There's a strong wind in Beijing, 1999 Double Fly Art Center_Who Cares about the Future, 2009 Double Fly Art Center_Contemporary Business, 2010 Chen Zhou_Morning!, 2011