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““The 8 of Paths”” is, first and foremost, an art exhibition. It presents 23 positions by young artists living in Beijing, giving a vibrant profile to a previously unknown China. “”The 8 of Paths”” showcases a generation who have gained new possibilities and new freedoms. The interest in contemporary art in China has only grown markedly in the broad art world over the last few years. But the reception of Chinese art’s development as a global phenomenon actually began exactly twenty years ago, here in Berlin. In 1993, the Haus der Kulturen der Welt hosted “China Avantgarde” – the very first exhibition of contemporary Chinese art outside China itself. Organised by Hans van Dijk and Jochen Noth together with Andreas Schmid, co-curator of “”“The 8 of Paths”””, the “China Avantgarde” exhibition jump started an interest in Chinese contemporary art in the West. “”“The 8 of Paths”” sets out to build on this tradition and spotlight key individual position in Beijing’s contemporary art scene today. The exhibition focuses on a generation of artists born from the mid-1970s on. From the starting point of established artists’ positions, the curatorial team – Yu Zhang, Thomas Eller, Andreas Schmid – has selected newer ones. The exhibition and symposium are part of the celebrations to mark Berlin and Beijing’s 20th anniversary as partner cities. Team: Yu Zhang (张彧) – organizer of “The 8 of Path” - is a Chinese woman entrepreneur being living in Berlin/Germany since more than 20 years. She is founder of China Communications Consulting and chairwoman of the China Communications Holding (China/Germany). Since 2005 she is guest professor for international and intercultural management, published several books e.g. “Das China-Handbuch: Management, Recht und Steuer” (2009) and “Die China Strategie – Who is who in China” (2012). She is a highly respected Chinese who does act in several honorary positions for Chinese associations and organizations in Germany. Furthermore, she founded the Association for German-Chinese cultural exchange (GeKA e.V.) in 2008 particularly to support projects in the filed of culture between both counties. Thomas Eller is an artist and curator. He lives in Berlin and New York. From 1990 until today he has been exhibiting extensively in galleries and museums in Europe, Asia and the Americas. He is recipient of several prizes: Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Prize, 1996, Villa Romana Prize, Florence, 2000, Art Omi International Arts Center, NY, 2002 and Käthe-Kollwitz-Prize, Akademie der Künste Berlin, 2006.In 2004 he founded the online art magazine artnet.de and served as editior-in-chief and executive manager from 2004 to 2008. From 2008 to 2009 he was artistic and managing director of Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin. “The White Male Complex” is the working title of a series of artworks and exhibition projects he has been working on since 2011. Guo Xiaoyan (郭晓彦) is a diverse and experienced curator. Guo Xiaoyan has long been involved in curation, art critic and art management. Guo Xiaoyan is a pioneer in the development of art institutions in China. From 2002-07, she held the position of Vice Director of the Guangzhou Triennial Office at the Guangdong Museum of Art.  She is also one of the founders of China’s first non-profit museum in Chengdu, “Shanghe Art Museum”. In 2007, Guo Xiaoyan was selected as the Curator of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA). From 2008 to 2010, she had assumed the position as Chief Curator of UCCA. In 2005, Guo Xiaoyan co-curated the 2nd Guangzhou triennial, and co-organized “D-Lab” of Guangdong Museum of Art. She initiated several contemporary art research projects and solo exhibitions, and she was also the Research Curator for the 3rd Guangzhou Triennial. Since her nomination as Chief Curator of UCCA in 2008, Guo Xiaoyan committed to the study and support of emerging Chinese contemporary artists. In 2008, together with Jerome Sans and Kate Fowle, she co-curated “Our Future: The Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation Collection”. In 2009, she co-curated a series of major exhibitions, “Qiu Zhijie: Breaking through the Ice” and “Breaking Forecast: 8 Key Figures of China’s New generation Artists”. In 2010, she co-curated with Jerome Sans “Hometown Boy-Liu Xiaodong Solo Exhibition”. Since 2010, Guo Xiaoyan is the Vice-director of Minsheng Art Museum, Chief Operating Officer of The Institute, in charge of the research projects and planning projects. Andreas Schmid is an artist, curator and expert in Chinese contemporary art who lives in Berlin. After graduating from Art Academy in Stuttgart he studied Chinese language, calligraphy, calligraphy theory and art history in Beijing and Hangzhou with a grant of the DAAD from 1983 to 1986. In 1993 Andreas Schmid initiated and co-curated the first show of contemporary Chinese art in Europe in Berlin together with Hans van Dijk and Jochen Noth. Further curated exhibitions are Contemporary Photo Art from China at the New Berlin Artist Association (NBK), Berlin, 1997, Sitting in China by photographer Michael Wolf at the Kestner- Museum, Hannover, 2003. Throughout the year 2013 he organizedHidden Images – on the situation of arts in China, a series of 16 panel discussions, talks and workshops of Chinese and European artists and intellectuals for the UdK, Berlin together with the artist Bignia Wehrli. Schmid himself has been exhibiting since 1981 in Europe, the USA, Japan and the P.R. of China with residencies in Tsukui, Japan 1995, Wiepersdorf, Germany, 1997, the Chinati Foundation, Marfa, USA, 2000. “8种可能路径”从根本上来讲是一次艺术展出。23位生活在北京青年艺术家以各自独特的方式展示出一个充满活力的全新的中国形象。“8种可能路径”代表了被赋予无限可能性和新派自由的新一代人。对于中国当代艺术的兴趣在过去几年中,特别是在在广义艺术世界中,增长显著。而实际上中国当代艺术开始成为为一个全球性现象可以追溯到二十年前,也恰恰就在柏林。早在1993年,由戴汉志(Hans van Dijk),岳恒(Jochen Noth),以及施岸笛(Andreas Schmid)(“8种可能路径”的联合策展人)在柏林世界文化宫举办的大型中国当代艺术展-“中国先锋艺术展”第一次开启了中国当代艺术在海外的旅程,也在西方掀起了一股中国当代艺术的热潮。“8种可能路径”的意义在于在传承传统的基础上,将个性鲜明的北京当代艺术置于聚光灯下-特别是70年代中期出生的艺术家的作品。 从每个艺术家的视角出发, 联合策展人团队-张彧,艾墨思(Thomas Eller), 施岸笛(Andreas Schmid) – 同时选择了新的定位。此次展览也成为纪念北京柏林友好城市20周年的重要部分。 团队: 张彧(女士)- “8种可能路径”的发起人和主办人,是一位在德国柏林生活了20多年的著名中国女企业家。中促咨询公司的创始人,中促控股(中国/德国)董事长。2005年以来,她作为国际跨文化管理客座教授,著有多部相关著作,如““Das China-Handbuch: Management, Recht und Steuer” (2009) ,“Die China Strategie – Who is who in China” (2012).等。因其在各界的影响力,她被邀请在多个中国和德国的机构,协会等担任荣誉职务。为了支持两国之间的文化交流活动,她还在2008年特别发起创办了德中国文化交流协会(GeKA e.V.)。 艾墨思(Thomas Eller)(先生)- 艺术家和策展人。他来往于居住于柏林和纽约。从1990年至今,他的作品一直被欧亚美各州的知名画廊和博物馆等收藏展出。他的作品曾荣获多个奖项,如:Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Prize, 1996, Villa Romana Prize, Florence, 2000, Art Omi International Arts Center, NY, 2002 and Käthe-Kollwitz-Prize, Akademie der Künste Berlin, 2006。 2004年他创立了在线艺术杂志artnet.de,并在2004年至2008年间担任总编和和常务董事。2008年到2009年,他担任了柏林Temporäre美术馆的董事总经理和艺术总监。2011年以来他专注于以“The White Male Complex”命名的一个系列的艺术项目的作品制作和展览。 郭晓彦(女士)- 一个多元化的,经验丰富的策划人。郭晓彦长期从事策展,艺术评论和艺术管理,是拓展中国艺术机构的先驱。从2002-07年,她担任广东美术馆广州三年展办公室副主任的位置。她也是中国第一个非营利性的博物馆“成都上河美术馆”的创始人之一。 2007年,她被选为尤伦斯当代艺术中心(UCCA)的策展人。从2008年到2010年,她曾担任尤伦斯当代艺术中心首席策展人。2005年任“第二届广州三年展”联合策展人,组织“三角洲实验室计划(D-Lab )”系列研讨活动。她发起了若干当代艺术研究项目和个展,她也是第三届广州三年展研究策展人。 自从2008年她被提名为尤伦斯当代艺术中心首席策展人,郭晓彦便开始致力于研究和支持新兴的中国当代艺术家。 2008年,与杰罗姆·桑斯 和凯特•富勒,共同策划的“我们的未来:尤伦斯基金会收藏展”。 2009年,她联合策展了一系列大型展览,“邱志杰:通过破冰”和“:中国的新一代艺术家的八个关键形象中坚”。 2010年,她与杰罗姆·桑斯 共同策划“老乡,刘小东个展”。自2010年以来,郭晓彦担任民生现代美术馆研究所的首席营运官,副主任,分管研究项目和规划项目。 施岸笛(Andreas Schmid)(先生)- 一位居住在柏林的艺术家,策展人和中国当代艺术专家。从斯图加特大学美术学院毕业后,他在德意志学术交流中心的支持下分别在北京和杭州进行了汉语言,书法,书法理论和艺术史的学习。1993年安德烈亚斯·施密德发起并与戴汉志(Hans van Dijk) 和岳恒(Jochen Noth)联合策展的中国当代艺术在柏林和欧洲的首秀。之后连续不断的展览在他的精心策划之下一一浮出水面:1997年,在柏林艺术协会(NBK)策划了来自中国的当代摄影艺术展览,2003年汉诺威奥古斯特·克斯特纳博物馆摄影师Michael Wolf的 Sitting in China,贯穿整个2013年的隐形图文图片展,在柏林艺术大学举行的一个系列16个分组的关于中欧艺术家的研讨,对话,讲座。同艺术大师比格尼亚•维尔利 一起,施密德本人的作品也自1981年其在欧洲,美国,日本,中国等地广泛展出,如1995年日本津久井,1997年德国维佩尔斯多夫,2000年 美国齐纳地基金会。